Meet Our Founder

Mr. Giovanni Di Stadio

President & CEO

Giovanni Di Stadio is the President, CEO and founder and was personally impacted by heart disease in his family pet, “Bella.” Mr. Di Stadio is responsible for the Center’s management ecosystem and strategic initiatives. Reinventing healthcare for pets and supporting the human animal bond are foremost in Mr. Di Stadio’s vision to establish NAVHC as a center of excellence for cardiac management and surgery and an innovation hub for cardiac device creation.

Mr. Di Stadio is also the Founder and CEO of Interiors by G one of Palm Beach County’s most awarded upscale design firms. Mr. Di Stadio has a personal passion for philanthropy and is co-host of the popular radio show, “Gio and Jack’s Palm Beach and Hamptons Social” a show which spotlights philanthropic organizations and supporters which airs weekly on JVC Broadcasting in both Florida and New York.

From my heart to yours…

When our beloved seven-year-old Shih Tzu, Bella, was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur, we brought her to our veterinary cardiologist. What we learned shocked us. Our only option was medication to keep Bella comfortable during the time she had left.

Not settling for that answer, we conducted our research and found some excellent surgical options in Europe and Japan, however, for a number of reasons we could not get our Bella to these facilities in time.

Still, we learned so much. We learned heart defects, and disease kills far too many dogs (and cats) each year. We recognized the need to bring life-saving heart surgery to multiple locations around the globe, in particular, the United States. We know that through the education of pet owners, veterinarians, and the next generation of veterinary heart surgeons that together, we can save more pets lives.

Among our most passionate of perspectives is helping to provide greater physical and financial access to lifesaving treatments and heart surgery to all pet families. The human-animal bond is extraordinary, and together we must provide high-quality healthcare to pet families in need so we can create, “more tomorrows, today.”

We applaud all who have dedicated passion and focus to improving veterinary healthcare. Pets are members of our family, and on behalf of our team of staff and our loving supporters, I invite you to join our tribe.

~ Giovanni Di Stadio, Founder, President & CEO