The Heart Center Vision

From my heart to yours…

My journey into veterinary cardiology and veterinary surgery began after personally experiencing the overwhelming consequences of cardiovascular disease. While completing veterinary school, I saw my father die suddenly of a heart attack. The devastating event helped me realize three things:

  1. There is one medicine, whether a patient has two legs or four. As doctors, we study the signs, diagnose and treat.
  2. Cardiac disease is a leading cause of death in pets. I wanted my career to be dedicated to the treatment of cardiac conditions.
  3. With the proper skills, I could impact my patients’ lives by returning them to comfort and helping them live longer lives.

Finding solutions to cardiovascular diseases became my goal however, due to the lack of a specific curriculum in veterinary medicine, I needed to design my own curriculum. I completed a veterinary surgical residency (a formal training in surgery) as a way to gain experience, become comfortable with the management of surgical diseases, and understand surgical anatomy.

After building a strong foundation of surgical knowledge, I needed to acquire comprehension of cardiovascular physiology and management of cardiac patients. Therefore, a formal cardiology training (cardiology residency) was my next step. My cardiology residency exposed me to the vast aspects of naturally occurring diseases. This approach led to the unique status of being board certified in both veterinary cardiology and surgery and provided me with the highly unique skills I needed to continue on my path.

After my residency, I established an open-heart team at Michigan State University (MSU). At MSU, I was honored to build upon the legacy of Dr. Eyster someone who is credited with being one of the founding fathers of veterinary cardiac surgery. My goal was to create a comprehensive veterinary cardiac center for treating heart disease in dogs and cats and I am proud that this dream is becoming a reality.

During my time at MSU, I crossed paths with Giovanni and Jack. I still remember the day Giovanni and I, also united by our common Italian heritage, talked on the phone for hours about our common goal, our vision, our strong desire to help these little creatures in a way that has not been completely explored before. It felt like our words were flowing in unison throughout our conversation, as we realized we shared a passion and vision for transforming veterinary cardiac healthcare.

Karma and destiny brought us together, and we have put our heart and energy into our Center. We are humbled to have the opportunity to provide healthcare solutions to you and your family and look forward to providing more tomorrow’s today.

~ Dr. Augusta Pelosi, Co-Founder, Medical Director

From my heart to yours…

When our beloved seven-year old shih tzu, Bella, was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur, we brought her to a local cardiologist. What we learned shocked us. Our only option was medication to keep Bella comfortable during the time she had left.

Not settling for that answer, we conducted our own research. All roads led to Dr. Augusta Pelosi, a renowned cardiac surgeon. She was it. Sadly, we found her too late for Bella.

Still, we learned so much. We learned heart defects and disease kill far too many dogs (and cats) each year. We learned Dr. Pelosi was one of a handful of surgeons worldwide performing open-heart surgeries, repairing dogs’ hearts and saving their lives.

We also learned heart surgery was happening almost exclusively in few hospitals worldwide. Regular pet owners had little access to the lifesaving surgical solutions making intervention difficult to access.

We said, “Dr. Pelosi, let’s build a heart hospital!” “At first, I think she thought we were kidding however, after five years of planning, here we are…”

~ Giovanni Di Stadio, Co-Founder, President & CEO