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Pet parents, as a human would you go to your general Doctor for a heart issue? No of course not, you would go see a Board-Certified Cardiologist.

Do not risk your pet’s life, DEMAND the same level of care and experience you would want for yourself.

Ask questions, do your own research, and get second opinions:

  • Is the Veterinarian who is performing cardiology services, or prescribing heart medications for your pet a Board-Certified Cardiologist?
  • Is the Surgeon who is about to perform heart surgery on your pet, a Board-Certified Surgeon whose sole focus and training is in cardiac surgery?
  • If your pet is going to have any type of heart surgery no matter how minor, who will be administering and monitoring your pet’s anesthesia during surgery? Will an Anesthesiologist be in the operating room to monitor your pet?

If the answer to any of to the questions above is NO, take your pet elsewhere!

Many pets are being treated for cardiac conditions (such as, Murmurs, CHF, DCM, PDA surgery) and are dying unnecessarily due to improper training and outdated protocols, deployed by non-veterinary board-certified cardiologists and board-certified surgeons whose primary focus and training was not in cardiac surgery.

‘Fur children’ are family. Here at NAVHC, we deliver world-class veterinary cardiology and cardiac surgery by deploying the safest protocols and advanced technology for every patient.

Dr. Pelosi is world renowned, and she is the world’s only double board-certified cardiologist, and surgeon whose focus and training is in cardiac surgery.

No referral or diagnosis is necessary. If you suspect your pet has a heart condition or you want to obtain a baseline for your pet, call our office to schedule an appointment. We offer peace of mind by deploying the latest in cardiology and heart surgery protocols to pet owners and rescue organizations.

North American Veterinary Heart Center (NAVHC) is a state-of-the-art veterinary specialty Cardiology and Heart Surgery Center. We are exclusively focused on treating cardiac patients. Our hospital implements leading edge technologies, therapies, and equipment to provide a highly accurate foundation upon which our board certified physicians and clinical support teams can create successful medical and surgical outcomes. We specialize in canine and feline Cardiac Management and Heart Surgery. We also offer Advanced Dental Care & Oral Surgery for pets with underlying cardiac conditions.

Request your pet’s consultation today. We work with new clients on both a referral and individual basis.

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Our Medical Director and co-founder Dr. Augusta Pelosi, DVM, DACVS, DACVIM is the world’s only dual-board certified cardiologist and heart surgeon.


The equipment within the walls of our practice is state-of-the-art and allows our medical team to make highly informed treatment decisions for your pet.


Our treatment protocols are how we deploy our highly-trained staff along with our world-class equipment to benefit your pet, and you, their family member.


Our goal is to expand research for pet care, improve treatments, and promote awareness through our partnerships in the animal & human health industries.